Welcome to the YMHAC Community of Practice!

The community of practice is a professional networking site and will provide members of the YMHAC Initiative (or similar programs) implementation teams a platform to share knowledge, experiences and resources related to evidence based practices in youth mental health, well-being and substance use.

Members of the community will be able to upload various resources and tools, initiate discussions, and seek guidance from other implementation teams. News regarding various events and knowledge exchange sessions will also be shared in this central location for easy navigation.

Recent activity
Wednesday, Oct 17
RNAO Resources 9:33am Kyle Dieleman posted Everyday Mental Health Classroom Resource
Friday, Oct 12
RNAO Resources 11:55am Kyle Dieleman posted Low Risk Cannabis Use Guide for Youth (pocket guide)
Tuesday, Oct 9
Atrium Blog 2:37pm Kyle Dieleman posted Werbinar - student and teacher mental health
Tuesday, Sep 25
RNAO Resources 9:17am Kyle Dieleman posted Big White Wall