Hot off the press! A New Public Health+ Article that may be of interest -text messaging smoking cessation support program

The methodology is  quite good.  The reason it is so relevant, is that Smokers' Helpline offers text messaging quit smoking support services which are quite similar to those described in the study. Smokers' Helpline is the agency for our hospital and primary care partners to refer patients for follow up support, as outlined in hospital protocols and P&Ps.

Very interesting- thanks for

Very interesting- thanks for sharing Jan! I wondered if this type of research has been started in Canada, with the new roll out of text messaging support to facilitate cessation. Of course, there is caution to generalizing the findings from this research study, but it would be interesting to have that data in Canada, as well as whether the efficacy of text messages diffes between special population group i.e) youth, young adults, pregnant women, etc.