Wecome to Waypoint

Hello All, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care welcomes the other TI sites that have been chosen to implement the best practice guidelines. My name is Michelle Forget and I am the project lead along with the project co lead Anne Payne. We are excited to work with the RNAO and other TI sites to aid us in the support for our patients and staff to reduce their tobacco use.


On Dec 11, 2017 Waypoint hosted the RNAO Tobacco Intervention Initiative Champion Workshop. Guest speakers included our wonderful TI team (Jennifer and Nicole), Terri Schneider from the Smokers Helpline, Michelle Schepers, and Amanda Otting from our Waypoint pharmacy. Everyone really enjoyed the day, with some great resources & information to take back to our various services/teams. Thanks again to the RNAO for supporting this event at Waypoint.


It was a pleasure, Michelle. Thank you for hosting us, and thank you to all the attendees for being an engaged group that brought some great discussion. 

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