Tobacco Use and Smoking Cessation Among Seniors

This document on smoking cessation and seniors was developed as a background paper for the Workshop on Healthy Aging: Aging and Health Practices, organized by Health Canada’s Division of Aging and Seniors in November 2001. Following a series of internal investigations, the Division identified four key determinants that play key roles in healthy aging: healthy eating, injury prevention, physical activity, and smoking cessation. The Division convened a workshop to solicit the advice of experts and stakeholders on the development of an action plan on healthy aging, with a specific focus on the four areas noted above. Prior to the workshop, participants were provided with a series of background papers viewing the four key determinants through a healthy aging lens. This document is a revised version of the paper on smoking cessation, incorporating comments from experts and stakeholders.

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Thanks for posting this

Thanks for posting this Justine!

Questions about tobacco cessation in elderly populations/long term care came up at several of the workshops in Ontario. This is a great start for people who are searching for information on this topic!