What an eye-catching design!

What an eye-catching design! I like how the smoke forms a question mark - clever!

Posters, Banners and Tentcards- Brandon, MB

Hi Margo,

These are great resources! Thank you for sharing. I wondered if you could share how these resources will be used in your health region  and how they might facilitate nurses and other health care providers to use best practices in smoking cessation?


Are there other Champions who think these types of resources would he helpful in thier practice?


Posters, Banners, and Tentcards

These resources will be used in our region to support staff in implementing brief smoking cessation intervention in their daily practice. All three types of resources are a form of passive intervention and thus provide smoking cessation mesaaging to clients without anyone actually saying anything. We know this form of social marketing is very powerful when it is used repetitively. (and incidently the marketing message is twofold - for the client - to remind our client population about the imporatance of smoking cessation and for staff - to remind our staff to ask!) However, the ultimate goal of these resources is to provide an opportunity for clients to ask for smoking cessation assistance. They will be used throughout Brandon Public Health services - offices, waiting rooms, clinics, inservices, and any public event we are involved in.