Smoking Cessation Champion Workshop

In the past the RNAO and Tobacco Free RNAO have offered a Smoking Cessation Champion Workshop. Will this workshop be offered again and if so, where and when? If not, would the RNAO share the workshop presentation with those of us leading BPG smoking cessation implementation? (For example; Nancy Bauer and Shannon Carney's presentation on 03/19/12.)


Hi Suzanne,

We are still finalizing dates and locations for our upcoming workshops in Feb and March 2013, but we will keep you updated on RNAO Communities and the TobaccoFreeRNAO website.


Thanks Paige


Hi Suzanne,

Our first workshop is scheduled for Feb 20th in Alliston, ON at the Nottawasaga Inn. Alliston is only an hour drive from Toronto. Based on our implementation sites this may be the closest workshop to Toronto this year. Please let me know if you would like to attend! 


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