Webinar on Behavioral Health & Tobacco (SCLC and ATTUD)


The Smoking Cessation Leadership Center is pleased to co-host its next free webinar with the Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence (ATTUD). “Behavioral Health & Tobacco:  The Final Frontier,” on September 29, 2011, at 2 pm Eastern Time (90 minutes).

Pre-printed in-patient medication orders for nicotine replacement therapy- for post partum women and general adult population


Hello everyone. I am hoping to develop an orderset/pre-printed medication orders for Nicotine replacement therapy in our adult in-patients,  including the post partum population, at William Osler health System  (Peel and Etobicoke) . Does anyone already have something like this that they are willing to share?

Sharon Adams, Clinical nurse educator Obstetrics, William Osler HS

Call For Proposals: National Nursing Best Practice Smoking Cessation Initiative

The RNAO is accepting proposals to be a Project site for the 2011-2012 National Nursing Best Practice Smoking Cessation Intiative. This is an exciting opportunity that supports organizations to build nursing capacity to integrate smoking cessation best practices into the daily practice of nurses.


For more information, please contact jnavarro@rnao.org or vwhite@rnao.org


See the attached Call For Proposals for details.

CAN-ADAPPT Seed Grant Application Period – Now Open!

CAN-ADAPTT invites collaborative Canadian teams to apply for this smoking cessation Seed Grant Competition.


This seed grant opportunity will focus on the implementation of CAN-ADAPTT’s smoking cessation Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG).  The aim is to achieve knowledge transfer, increased uptake and capacity for evidence-based practice in smoking cessation.  Six month grants of up to $5,000 are available, with the opportunity for an additional $5,000 at six months, to support sustainability.


smoking cessation drug coverage in province

Finally, the the Ontario government will fund the smoking cessation drugs Champix and Zyban. This is a long awaited advancement in smoking cessation tools to aid the public in reducing or quitting smoking thus preventing and reducing cancer rates. Thank you!!





RNAO August SC Champion Webinar has been postponed

Hello Everyone,

The August SC Champion Webinar has been postponed until the fall. We'll be having more webinar series in the fall and as soon as more information is available we'll be sure to post it here, on RNAO Communities!

- Verity

CW TCAN Cessation Committee Updates

Most of our CW TCAN committee members are RNAO BPG Champions.  We meet monthly to discuss our projects: CW Communities of Practice (see attached) and You Can Make it Happen in which  the overall goals are to increase cessation services available to tobacco users accross CW and to decrease the number of tobacco users in CW. 

Upcoming webinar: New Tobacco Products!

Emerging Tobacco Products Webinar
The National Tobacco Cessation Collaborative will be hosting a webinar on emerging products on 7/12 from 1-2pm EDT. A number of new tobacco products have been introduced into the North American Marketplace in the past few years such as Electronic Cigarettes (e-cigarettes), SNUS, dissolvable tobacco products (DTPs), and tobacco sticks. To participate in the webinar, please send an email to BJ McDuffie at bjmcduffie@aed.org by Friday July 8, 2011.

Evaluation tool for group cessation counselling

One of our SC Champions in New Brunswick is looking to create a tool to measure the successes of their new cessation counselling clinic. Does anyone have any sample evaluation tools? And/or any questions they're asking to group members, or information on what they are collecting from participants?thanks!

Upcoming Webinar for Nurse Educators

Attention Nurse Educators!

The RNAO is hosting a free webinar on June 7th titled "Getting Familiar with the Nursing Faculty Education Guide".


This session features a presentation by Sharon Lawler, Lead Developer of the Guide, and Co-Director and Manager of the Leave The Pack Behind program.


Email me to register! (cwood@rnao.org)


See attached agenda.

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