Second hand smoke & Addiction

The issue of second hand smoke and addiction was raised by several Champions during a number of the Smoking Cessation workshops. I wonder if anyone has an material/resources i.e. articles, research on this topic.

Can children become addicted to nicotine by exposure to 2nd hand smoke?


Smoking Cessation Champion Workshops

Hello Everyone, RNAO & the Smoking Cessation Project Sites have held almost 10 Smoking Cessation Champion Workshops this year. We're working on creating a photo gallery on the website so that everyone can see the workshops soon!

lunch and learn

I usually invited  all the health care provider to the webinars or any activities related to smoking cessation .Those days I used THE JOINT STATEMENT ON SMOKING CESSATION TOBACCO for recruiting Champions .

lunch n learns


A question for those of you who did lunch and learns. Did you only invite nurses to attend or did you include any health care providers like EMS, therapy providers (OT/PT) ect?

A Smoker's Story (Globe & Mail)

An interesting article about a smoker's relationship with nicotine addiction:

The Role of Health Professionals in Tobacco Cessation

There is a role for every Canadian health professional in tobacco-use cessation!

Check out this position statement developed jointly with the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association, the Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Nurses Association, and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

TAR program

Hi Veronica,

Yes, we were fortunate to have the link to watch/listen to a presentation given on the PACT/TAR program. We sent the link to our Aboriginal Health Coordinator to watch and asked her for feedback as to whether the content was relevent to our First Nation's communities or not. We would like to share this resource with them if possible.

Barbara Wells Stop Smoking Sites

Thank you Barbara for posting these sites. The one I was investigating was the NAHO site. First Nation's people is our special population for our worksite. We are on the watch for resource material such as this. Thanks.

smoking cessation update

 This is good news  for your pharmacists


In Québec ,pharmacists can prescribed NRT thru collective prescription and referred the clients to the quit smoking centers or the quite line

Smoke Free Ontario Update


Dear Colleagues,

As you know, a key commitment of the renewed SFO strategy is to help more smokers quit through a series of either new or enhanced supports – this includes smoking cessation counselling in community pharmacies.

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