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Seeking presentations on pregnant and smoking

Hi everyone,


Does anyone have a starter presentation on pregnant women and smoking.  I'm doing a presentation next month at a public health unit.  Or, do you know of anyone I can connect with.



Report from PCCHU's Choose To Be... Smoke-free Program (smoking cessation support for pregnant & postpartum women)

This report may be of interest for anyone who is working with pregnant/postpartum women or planning to run a support group etc.

Request for sample documentation of tobacco use/assessment for Well-Child clinic

This request was received through the Tobacco Free RNAO website from a Public Health Nurse in Alberta, if anyone has sample documentation that they can share please reply to this thread:

I am currently part of a working group looking at implementing Tobacco Assessment into our daily practice in the Well-Child clinic setting. I am curious if you someone can provide me with information in terms of documentation for such a setting that is currently being used in Ontario (or elsewhere). 

Resources for Inuit and Aboriginal Population

Hi, my name is Jessica, I am a nursing student working with the Winnipeg Reginal Health Authority smoking cessation program. A group of us students have been asked to help find culturally appropriate resources for Inuit and Aboriginal populations regarding tobacco use/prevention. If anyone has any pamphlets of handouts that they feel would be useful, please send them our way. It would be greatly appreciated!

flavoured tobacco

I received this from quebec coalition against tobacco

5 seconds survey

 to ban flavored cigarettes



Webinar on January 9th (Pharmacotherapy)

Don't forget to register for RNAO's webinar on Monday - it's a great opportunity to hear an experienced pharmacist speak about pharmacotherapy and smoking cessation (Speaker: Janice Burgess, the PACT/TAR Program Coordinator for the Pharmacists' Association of Saskatchewan).

Email vwhite@rnao.org to register.

Check out the Calendar section of RNAO Communities for a detailed flyer!

Video Resources

Does anyone know of any DVD's or videos regarding second hand smoke and the effects on children that we could utilize with parents? We are looking to purchase an educational video to play in our waiting room during child health clinic.



Social Media & Smoking Cessation

The Canadian Council for Tobacco Control developed this fact sheet on Social Media & Smoking Cessation! This might be of benefit to those of you who work with youth, young adults, and even adults who use social media in their everyday lives!

Smoke Free Restaurants

Check out this short video on a smoke free restaurant in Alaska, developed by the State of Alaska Tobacco Prevention and Control (TPC) Clean Indoor Air campaign



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