Grey-Bruce Hospital Smoking Ban

This Saturday marks the day that 11 hospitals in the Grey-Bruce region go smoke-free. A link to more information can be found here:

Motivational Interviewing Course

For those of you who might be interested in learning more about Motivational Interviewing, CAMH will soon be offering an online introductory course on this topic. For more information please follow this link:

Engaging Young Adult in Smoking Cessation


I just wanted to pass along an article that can be found on the Program Training and Consultation Centre website on the topic of engaging young adults in smoking cessation. The article is entitled: "Using Social Networking Technologies to Engage Young Adults in Smoking Cessation". And can be found by following this link:

Increased Tax on Cigarettes

Yesterday's budget unveiled a tax hike on cigarettes from approximately 12 cents per cigarette to 14 cents per cigarette. An article on the subject can be found here:

Increased cost of cigarettes is a major deterent, particularly for youth smokers, but others fear that the price increase will cause more people to turn to contraband cigarettes. Any thoughts on this?

Harm Reduction Strategy for Hookah Users

While we talk a lot about harm reduction in regards to cigarette smoking, my colleague alerted me to a new harm reduction measure for hookah users.

A hookah is a tobacco delivery device that is gaining popularity in North America. The CDC has a brief overview of what hookahs are and how they are used:

Smoking Bylaws

Just wanted to post a link to an interesting segment on CBC's The Current from April 24th, 2014 entitled 'Victoria Considers the Toughest Smoking Bylaw in Canada':   (scroll down the page until you get to the April 24th segments).

Motivational Interviewing

In my experience, utilizing the principles of motivational interviewing (MI) is an important component of the counselling process when working with clients who want to quit smoking. It's actually the approach I take when counselling clients about any behavior change such as dietary changes or incorporating exercise into their daily routine.

E-Cigarette Friend or Foe?

I wondered if anyone had any strong feelings one way or the other about the e-cigarette as a smoking cessation aid? I think that there are certainly pros and cons to this newer device on the market.

Moving ahead with Pre and Post Natal Women and their Families - Request for Proposal for Host Sites application

RNAO is excited to announce a new project on smoking cessation for pre and post natal women and their families as part of their Smoking Cessation Initiative. We will be hosting one-day ‘Best Practice Champions for Smoke-Free Pregnancies’ workshops across the province at no cost to participants within Ontario. At these workshops participants will receive quit kits for their pregnant and postpartum clients as well as resources to support smoking cessation interventions with this population.

Smoking Cessation Champion Workshop Oakville

We had a great Smoking Cessation Champion Workshop in Oakville yesterday! It was a pleasure meeting health care professionals from Halton and surrounding region.

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