Care Transitions

Hi again We are in the midst of implementing Care Transitions specifically Shift to shift report changes from taped to verbal reports. I am wondering if any of you have done this and if so, if you have any feedback on what evaluative measures worked best to show the changes have ben effective? many thanks Carla

Braden audit tool

Hi folks I am Carla MacDonald and BPSO lead for Aberdeen in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. We are implementing pressure injuries and have a Braden audit tool that we currently use but don't find it is capturing the data we need. I'm wondering if any of you have an audit tool you would be willing to share? many thanks Carla

care transition indicators

Hi all, one of our candidate sites is implementing the 'Care Transitions' BPG, and is interested in talking to others about what indicators they have developed to measure progress. Is anyone willing to share / provide contact information? thanks, Deb

successful champions network models

Hi all, we are currently looking at ways to further develop and sustain our champions networks here in Australia. Is anyone able to share how they are working with champions, successful models/tools and stories etc? Thanks in anticipation!

Delirium Pre-Printed Order

Hello; We are in the process of developing a pre-printer order for the management of delirium. Is there anyone who could share what has been developed in your organization? Chris Zettler Trillium Health Partners

BPSO Newsletter - RVH Template

From Christine Ferguson, BPSO Lead, Renfrew Victoria Hospital. As per discussion you can share this newsletter with the knowledge exchange group about how we are communicating to our staff. This is in word so could easily be altered and become their template if they would like.

BPSO cohort #5


Upcoming Virtual Best Practice Champions Workshop - Module 2

Hello everyone, I am looking forward to an interactive session with those of you who have registered for Module 2 on September 10th at 11 a.m. We will be examining Chapters One and Two of The Toolkit which will help you to understand the necessary preliminary steps in guideline implementation.

Best Practice Champions' Workshops

For all of you attending the upcoming RNAO Nursing Best Practice Champions' workshops, I look forward to meeting you and working together to support your learning about RNAO's Best Practice Guidelines and implementation strategies to promote sustainability and clinical excellence. Katherine Wallace, RN, RM, MHS RNAO Program Manager, Best Practice Champions Network

Breakfast with Champions

VHA Home HealthCare is pleased to host a Champions Open House/Networking Event on January 14th from 9am-12noon. Please see attached flyer for additional information.
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