Challenges with the current generation of EMRs & EHRs

Greetings fellow eHealth Champions.

I'm interested in learning more about organizational best practices in presenting certain types of data to clinicians in EMRs and EHRs in summary/list views, for example, the Cumulative Patient Profile (CPP), Immunization Summary etc.

The data that I'm referring to could be considered either:

1. Erroneous, for example, an incorrect diagnosis or allergy documented in an EMR/EHR and the clinician is no longer available to correct the error or

2. Unnecessary, for example, an Immunization Summary that lists all flu or tetanus shots that a patient has received during their lifetime when the most recent immunization is all that's required.

I'm seeking feedback on the following questions:

1. Is your organization experiencing challenges with erroneous or unnecessary data appearing in cumulative/summary/list views in your EMR/EHR? For example, in the cumulative patient profile (CPP), Immunization Summary etc?

2. If you answered Yes to # 1 above, how does your organization (or the vendor) address those challenges in the EMR/EHR?

3. Does your EMR/EHR allow clinicians to filter, sort and edit data in cumulative/summary/list views?

4. Does your organization use Disclaimers when displaying data that is known to be inaccurate and/or outdated?

5. If you answered Yes to #4 above:
a. When/where is the disclaimer presented to the user (e.g., at log in? elsewhere)?
b. What is the text of the disclaimer?
c. When presenting the disclaimer to the user do you use special formatting?

Please feel free to respond here or, if you prefer, you can send me an email.

Many thanks.

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