Webinar - EHR: Proceed with Caution

Last week, the eHealth Champions and other members had the pleasure of participating in a webinar entitled Transitioning to an EHR: Proceed with Caution presented by Deborah Johnston RN, MN, GNC(c), CEP, Director of Professional Development and Informatics, Chartwell Retirement Residences.

Deborah provided a very detailed overview of how one long term care company implemented a computerized health record including electronic medication records, treatment records, assessments and point of care documentation.

Continuing the lively discussion, some questions have been posted in relation to Deborah's presentation.  Please consider participating by using this forum to answer these question and share your experience.

1) What steps does your organization take to ensure that electronic health care records are secure, private and only available to those persons within the circle of care?

2) How does your organization handle requests for patients to see their electronic health record? What policies and procedures are currently in place and do these policies address patient requests to amend or add to the clinical record?

3) Are nursing staff aware of their professional college standards with respect to electronic documentation? How do you ensure understanding and application of these standards?]

The presentation slides and recorded link are posted below: 

 Presentation slides:  https://rnao.box.com/s/lthf86o2b5xksezqy1erc8pdp332qsp2


 Recorded session:  https://rnao.box.com/s/13j550oa86ljph3xvwr9v2o9g3av4r50

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