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On May 21st the eHealth Champions and other members had the pleasure of participating in a webinar entitled Securely Connecting a Patient's Network of Care presented by Valerie Ramsay, Senior Manager, Delivery Partners at eHealth Ontario.  Valerie provided a very detailed overview on how primary, acute and community care clinicians provide patient care can securely exchange Personal Health Information using eHealth Ontario's ONE Mail Service.

Some Q&A's have been posted in relation to Valerie's presentation. 

 1. What are the two different services you offer?  What is the difference? 

a.      ONE Mail Partnered allows subscribers to use their existing email system to exchange email messages with other health care professionals, emails are routed through eHealth Ontario‚Äôs encryption security services. 

a.      ONE Mail Direct is an encrypted email service hosted in our environment using Exchange 2010 for health care organizations and providers requiring e-mail accounts to facilitate the secure exchange of patient health information (PHI) and/or patient information (PI).

2. What is ONE Pages? 

      A searchable directory of all ONE Mail users, partnered and direct.  ONE Pages is available to users either through their e-mail client software or through their web browser and a web-based application.

To find out more about ONE Mail Services visit:

If  you interested in signing your organization up for ONE Mail download the ONE Mail questionnaire and return it completed to eHealth Ontario

The listen to Valerie's presentation visit:

We'd like to hear from you, please consider participating by using this forum to comment or share your experience with ONE MAIL if you're currently using it.   


We look forward in hearing from you. 

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