The use of templates with EMR

I am looking for a template that can be used for an osteoporosis assessment. Does anyone have one to share? thx

EMR and preventative screening

Preventative care is a quality initiative our practice has undertaken. The target group is over age 50 with an appointment for their annual health. When the nurse is checking the patients BMI and blood pressure a preventive health screen for colon, breast and cervical screening, vaccinations, BMD and smoking cessation is done. Templates within the EMR based on best practice guides the preventative inquiry appropriate for age groups, symptoms and family history. We have found this to be an efficient way to ensure the screening is done.

Nurse and Patient Messaging App

Hello Everyone, 


I was wondering if anyone is familiar with any tools that allow nurses to message patients in the community setting. Please let me know if you konw any organizations using such a tool or the company providing such services. 



new provincial immunization requirements for school-aged children

In our small rural office practices, we as staff and physicians are encouraged to regularly evaluate our work processes by our Lead physician. We have 4 offices, staffed with one or two physicians and 2-4 staff per day. Staff consists of a medical secretary and an RPN. 2 of our 4 RPNs have been hired in the last 6 mos.


Wendy, you have brought up a really good point how the inquiry about smoking must be ongoing at all visits. We do tend to stop when patients give resistance to always being asked. I really think that is a great role for the office nurse to update on each visit. That is something we are striving for at our practice.

Hospital Based Nursing Reports

I am working on an eHealth project and need to compile a list of hospital based nursing reports that should, or do, get to family doctors or specialist, for example, diabetes nurse educator reports or lactation consultant reports. If your hospital generates any nursing reports could you please respond to this posting and let me know the names of the reports. Thanks so much.

RNAO's Nurse Educator eHalth Resource

The Nurse Educator eHealth Resource is intended to support nursing faculty introduce and integrate key eHealth concepts relevant to nursing practice, into the undergraduate nursing curriculum. Nursing faculty, nursing students, nurses and other members of the health-care team and ultimately the patients served will all benefit from this Resource as students taught by informed faculty will be effective adopters of eHealth innovations.

Optimizing the Use of an EMR using a fun, team based approach to data entry

Hello to all the eHealth nurses.... As a member of the RNAO/Ontario MD Nurse Peer Leader Program, I am asked to share my experiences with EMR use and to make it relevant to nursing practice. On a weekly basis in July, I plan to share my FHT's activities as we implement another "data blitz", focusing on updating the smoking status of every patient (age 15+) seen in the office on a particular week. Updating the EMR? Sound boring? Possibly. But in July of 2013, we held a "Smoking Status Blitz", where every provider (MD and IHP) was assigned to a team, given an alias (e.g.

Free Webinar - June 27th - EMR to enhance preventative care

The RNAO/OntarioMD Peer Leader Program invites you to participate in a 1 hour webinar focusing on using the electronic medical record to enhance preventative care practices for patients across the lifespan.

Free service to help primary care providers with their EMR challenges

RNAO/ OntarioMD Peer Leader Program.

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