I work on the Quick Response team through Community Mental Health Services We have a small isolation room in the ER we use as a holding area for schedule one clients waiting admission to the schedule one hospitals. It is a very "scary" room. with five locks and a small window in the door plus a camera and I would like to see change. The room is located in the middle of the see and treat area and adds to the stigma of mental health. The majority of our clients really do not require this type of isolation but it is our only choose. We are going to have some rebuilding in the ER and I would like imput but not sure how to go about it. Anyone have advise as I would like to advocate for our patients. Thanks


Good Afternoon, Great Questions, - have you thought about engaging your stakeholders in this decision - such as clients? What are there thought and what would they like? Just a Thought, Sabrina


Hello, When I used to work in Psych Emerge, I was encountering the same thing. Where I worked, we had 4 isolation rooms, and 4 interview rooms. The isolation rooms gave a very eerie vibe. I liked what Sabrina stated that engaging with the clients may provide a better insight. Im unsure of the layout for the ER, but what i recommended was adding windows to provide sunlight.
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