Welcome to the RNAO Mental Health & Addictions Community

Welcome to the RNAO Mental Health and Addictions Community! As you are all aware, Mental Health and Additions is a growing need! The purpose of this new on-line community is to create a safe place where nurses and other health care professionals can talk about evidence based practices and share successes/challenges in your area of practice. Topics that focus on the importance of preventing, assessing and treating clients who may be experiencing mental health and addictions issues will be addressed.


Our roles as your Community Moderators/Facilitators are to encourage sharing of knowledge, expertise and ideas that will support your work to implement best practices. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments about the Mental Health and Addictions Community.


Finally, Come on line and get involved, share ideas and resources! Get started today! Create your account, post your comments on ongoing discussions, ask questions, browse through the resource library and upload your tools!


I am excited to learn about all your experiences and share valuable knowledge and resources in Mental Health and Addictions. See you on-line!

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