Stop the Stigma: Mental Health Webcast Series

The Ontario Hospital Association will be hosting 3 webcasts focusing on Mental Health issues titled: Stop the Stigma. Following are the 3 Stop the Stigma webcasts: 1. Stop the Stigma: Mental Illness Within the Health Care Profession 2. Stop the Stigma: The Face of Depression 3. Stop the Stigma: The Face of Anxiety For More Information, please refer to:

Call Sites to Host Champions Workshops - Addictions and Mental Health!

RNAO is seeking partner organizations from across Ontario to act as host sites for RNAO’s FREE Addictions and Mental Health Best Practice Champions Workshops! Are you Interested in learning more about Best Practices related to Addictions and Mental Health? Are you interested in building capacity amongst your staff to be able to identify and work with clients with Addictions and Mental Health? Is your organization interested in learning more about Best Practices? If so, the RNAO Addictions and Mental Health Champion Workshops is for you! Apply now to a host FREE Addictions and Mental Hea


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