Compassion Fatigue and Mental Health Nurses

I would like to know how Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma specifically affects mental health nurses. Does anyone know of any good videos as well as evidence based research?

CCSA Youth Comptencies

New Resource: Competencies for the Youth Substance Use Prevention Workforce The Competencies for the Youth Substance Use Prevention Workforce​​ is the first resource of its kind to provide a set of measurable skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that support and enhance the delivery of effective youth health promotion and drug use prevention in Canada.

Evolving Perspectives on Addiction/Perspectives Evolutives en Dependences

The Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM) is hosting its 25th annual scientific conference in Ottawa from October 16-18, 2014. In addition to the conference, Sunday, October 19, 2014 has been set aside for the Fundamentals of Addiction Medicine workshop. Please see attached brochure for more details or visit CSAM's website at:

Understanding Patient Mental Health and Additions community services

Wondering if there is a Mental Health and Additions community services profile outlining the referal process. or even general patient care scenarios that would give a better understanding of how services are provided to community care vs acute care setting. What types of health care professionals are providing this care. etc. thank you in advance :)

New Child and Adolescent ADHD CME in Thunder Bay begins April 3rd

Four session program for health care professionals in Thunder Bay sponsored by CADDRA (Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance) begins April 3rd. Registration open until March 30th. Further information posted in events section and in attachment.

New E-Learn Module on Substance Use Disorders

Treating patients with substance use disorders presents its own unique challenges, so RNAO is offering a new eLearning modules for health-care professionals to build their skills. RNAO is pleased to announce the launch of the module aimed at building capacity and skill among health care-professionals working with clients with substance use disorders. The module, Engaging Clients with Substance Use Disorders will address process of identifying, screening, assessing and providing brief intervention for clients who may be at risk for substance use disorders.

Addiction and Mental Health Nursing Conference in Alberta

There is an Addiction and Mental Health Nursing Conference in Edmonton, Alberta, on January 23- 24, 2014. We are promoting Addiction and Mental Health as a practice speciality since most of our clients have concurrent disorders regardless of the clinical setting. You can find more information at It is also a great opportunity to see Edmonton in January!


I work on the Quick Response team through Community Mental Health Services We have a small isolation room in the ER we use as a holding area for schedule one clients waiting admission to the schedule one hospitals. It is a very "scary" room. with five locks and a small window in the door plus a camera and I would like to see change. The room is located in the middle of the see and treat area and adds to the stigma of mental health. The majority of our clients really do not require this type of isolation but it is our only choose.
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