Welcome to RNAO Communities

The RNAO's International Affairs and Best Practice Guidelines Program is pleased to introduce the RNAO Communities. This free professional networking site has been developed to support networking, communication and sharing of resources between nurses who are implementing, or interested in implementing, clinical or healthy work environment guidelines worldwide.

  • This discussion board is for participants of the 2016 Chronic Disease Management Webinar Learning Series: Back to Basics. This discussion board is meant to facilitate networking, reflective learning and knowledge transfer of curriculum content.

  • The Nurse Guideline Network supports Nurses & other Health Care Providers working on implementing guidelines in any setting. Post questions & resources related to challenges, successes or other topics related to guideline implementation.

  • A public community for all Nursing and eHealth Champions

  • A discussion community for all RNAO Chapters.

  • This Community is a professional networking site whose purpose is to provide nurses & health care professionals a platform to share knowledge, experiences and resources related to evidence based practices in Addictions and Mental Health.

  • This community supports the implementation of smoking cessation best practices into daily practice. Post questions/comments, share resources, and discuss successes and challenges with others Champions in your own region and across the country!

  • This community supports the systematic integration of smoking cessation best practices into nursing curriculum. Join this community to share knowledge, experiences and resources across Schools of Nursing nationwide.